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Things we like

Our PhD #happyplace, new PI #tenuretracks and #tenuredtracks Spotify playlists:

Tips, tricks & tools

Tips for writing and presenting

Here you find a growing collection of handouts that will help you in the process of writing or presenting. Use them to your advantage! If you have feedback, please contact .

Our favorite resources

- Amazing drawings of human breast anatomy (on the anatomy of the breast, by Sir Astley Paston Cooper, 1840)
- The mouse organogenesis cell atlas (MOCA) (a single cell transcriptional landscape of mouse organogenesis)
- FPbase for quickly comparing spectra of fluorescent proteins
- The International Mouse Strain Resource
- Bionumbers
- Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank for antibodies that actually work at cost price

Bioinformatics, Data, Statistics and Image analysis tools

- Plots of Data and other tools
(handy apps developed by our SILS colleagues Joachim Goedhart and Marten Postma that plot data and statistics to allow comparison of different experimental conditions)
- Blog post by Joachim Goedhart at the Node on alternatives for p-values.
- Another blog post by Joachim Goedhart at the Node on a more intuitive way to calculate p-values.

Presentation tools

- The LiveSlides plugin
(for easy breezy embedding of videos and other webpage related content in Keynote and/or Powerpoint presentations)
- The free PollEverywhere plugin
(for getting real-time feedback from your audience. Great for instant feedback from students in class!)
- Smart Servier Medical Art
(for a free, downloadable file of Powerpoint ready image components that you can use to draw your own pathways/protein/DNA complexes etc.)
- Biorender
(for drawing and designing your own figures from human anatomy to subcellular structures and signaling molecules).

Writing tools

- Use the Academic Phrasebank from the University of Manchester to your advantage
- Try the Edanz journal selector or the Journal/Author Name Estimator if you need help selecting a journal that best fits your manuscript.

Graphic design tools

- This series of You Tube videos to help you develop your Adobe Illustrator graphic design skills.

Career development

- Preparing for today's job market.

And finally...

... this remains one of the best songs ever written about biology: