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associate professor and group leader

Renée received her MSc from the Vrije Universiteit (1999, cum laude) and her PhD from the University of Amsterdam (2005, also cum laude). She did her PhD thesis research with Anton Berns at the Netherlands Cancer Institute and was a postdoc with Roel Nusse at Stanford University.
In 2013 she set up her lab at the UvA, where she was appointed as MacGillavry fellow and tenure track assistant professor. She was promoted to associate professor (with tenure) in 2017. Renée is an NWO VIDI laureate (2014) with more than 20 years of active research experience in Wnt signaling. She is also an elected member of the organizing committee of the European Network for Breast Development and Cancer labs and an editorial board member of the Journal of Mammary Gland Biology and Neoplasia. (complete CV here, updated 01/2021)

assistant professor

Thijs received his PhD from the Vrije Universiteit (VU university) in Amsterdam, where he worked on teratogenic effects of environmental pollutants on embryonic development. He did his postdoctoral research at Cancer Research UK and the Francis Crick institute in London in the lab of Caroline Hill. Here, he studied how embryonic signalling pathways control early development. As a research associate at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in Richard White’s lab he developed new models for pancreatic cancer. Thijs joined the lab in February 2021, bringing with him over 15 years experience at the crossroad of developmental and cancer biology.


After obtaining an MSc degree at Leiden University in Molecular & Cellular Biology, Ingeborg started work as a technician in the lab of Vincent Christoffels at the Amsterdam University Medical Center (Amsterdam UMC) in April 2012. Focussing on development of the heart and cardiac repair after myocardial infarction, she performed molecular and in vivo work. Ingeborg joined the group in October 2020 as a technician, combining lab management support with experimental and technical support for ongoing research projects in the lab.

Postdocs & PhD students

PhD student

Marleen received her BSc from Utrecht University in 2018. In 2021 she gaduated from the Cancer, Stem Cell and Developmental Biology program at the same University. During her Masters she performed internships in the Netherlands Cancer Institute and University Medical Center in Utrecht. She joined the lab in June 2021 and works on the (epi)genetic regulation of Wnt signalling.

PhD student

Yorick received his BSc from Utrecht University in 2013. In 2017 he obtained his MSc degree from the same university, after performing internships at the University Medical Center in Utrecht and at Stanford University (USA). He joined the group in February 2017 and works on identifying the mammary stem cell niche.

PhD student

Tanne received her BSc and MSc from the University of Amsterdam. She did her first BSc internship in the lab and later returned for a brief period as a guest researcher. During her MSc she performed internships at the Hubrecht Institute and in the lab of Chris Bakal at the ICR (London, UK). Tanne joined the lab in October 2019 as a PhD student and uses advanced microscopy techniques to further elucidate molecular mechanisms of Wnt signaling.

Current Wntlab students

Anna Jonkers
HLO student

Anna is in her final year of studying Life Sciences at Hogeschool Leiden. In 2020, she specialized her minors in immunology and applied molecular biology. During her internship, under the supervision of Thijs, she will work on creating a gateway plasmid system to research Wnt and BMP signaling pathways in the human mammary gland.